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About Me

Andrew Gleeson is a self-taught pixel artist, game developer and web designer living in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked on commercially-successful games, lectured at RMIT, and occasionally releases small games for fun. You may not see him perform a talk at GDC, but his name might be around somewhere.

He started his career at 18 as the lead artist and world designer for the cult-hit Titan Souls, published by Devolver Digital in 2015. Since then he has led his own projects, notably WitchWay and Shrubnaut. He has also played a role in experimental works such as HYPER//ECHO, the, as well as a smattering of party games. You can find more of his work here.

These days he is interested in narrative engines (Ink!), syntax highlighting and reading personal wikis (digital gardens). He enjoys making nice websites for friends, and riding his new bike.

He is currently in the early stages of development on his next big project, Tether.


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